UToPIA - better predictions on future population health

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Project UToPIA


Project UToPIA will provide unique perspectives on how population health and mortality will develop in the future - blending research and insights across 5 domains:

3. Data ownership

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New partnerships over data will drive transparency and enable individuals to unlock value and insights for better medical and financial health.

1. Healthcare today

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Healthcare faces existential challenges - escalating demands against constrained resources, increasing co-morbidities and global crises in public health

4. Future technology

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Every aspect of our daily lives will be transformed by technology - from ubiquitous sensors and robotics to nanotechnology and automonous machine learning.

2. Behavioural science

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Behavioural biases affect our every step and decision. The question is whether the right nudges can promote healthy behaviours effectively and efficiently.

5. Digital ecosystems

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Traditional industries are being bypassed by digital ecosystems focused on customer experience. Whether orchestrator or producer, there is really only one choice for corporates. Don't wait too long!

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