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Exploring drivers to population health & longevity

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The Crucible

The Crucible provides unique perspectives on how population health and mortality will develop in the future - blending resarch and insights across 4 domains:

3. Power of data
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New partnerships over data will drive transparency and enable individuals to unlock value and insights for better medical and financial health.

1. Healthcare today
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Healthcare faces existential challenges - escalating demands against constrained resources, increasing co-morbidities and global crises in public health

4. Future of medicine
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Every aspect of our daily lives will be transformed by technology - from sensors and robotics to nanotechnology and machine learning.

2. Behavioural science
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Behavioural biases affect our every step and decision. The question is whether the right nudges can promote healthy behaviours effectively and efficiently.

UToPiA publications
UToPiA publications from COIOS Health

Sharing our views on how to think about the future of health and longevity

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