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COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group

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The COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group aims to educate, inform and influence through frequent Bulletins on demography, epidemiology, public health and societal impact.

Predicting overall impact of COVID-19 on UK

DATELINE: 24 June 2020

Combining NHS England data on deaths occurring in hospitals with ONS weekly estimates of deaths, both COVID-registered and total excess, we are able to use actuarial chain ladder techniques to predict that the total number of UK deaths associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, both directly and indirectly, was 65,300 on 23 June.

International comparisons of COVID hospitalisation

DATELINE: 7 November 2020

Combining data from ECDC and USA COVID-NET (a cross-section of hospitals across the USA), the graph above illustrates the rise, fall and rise of COVID-19.

A tale of two


DATELINE: 22 June 2020

Slides from webinar to Society of Pension Professionals on impact of COVID-19 on longevity assumptions

Research and the impact of COVID-19

DATELINE: 22 July 220

Joint presentation with Matthew Edwards, Chair of the Continuous Mortality Investigation, at the Mortality and Longevity 2020 seminar.

Publications of interest to our members*

Papers are labelled in the following format: C-XXXX_DYYMMDD_Author_Title
where YYMMDD is publication date and XXXX is one of the following subject categories:
HD - Healthcare demand
IM - Immunology
RF - Risk factors for COVID19
NCMM - Non-COVID19 Mortality/Morbidity
RF - Risk factors for COVID-19
TD - Treatment development
VD - Vaccine development
BI - Behavioural insights
CMM - COVID19 Mortality/Morbidity
EI - Economic impact
EP - Epidemiology of COVID19
* This library includes a subset of available publications on different topics.  This is provided purely for the information of readers, and does not represent any recommendation as to those papers that should be included or excluded in assessing any aspect of COVID-19 or its direct/indirect impacts.
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