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Potential for mutation with SARS-CoV-2 virus

Covid 19
DATELINE: 15 October 2020

In this Bulletin from COVID-19 ARG, we share reassuring insights over likelihood of viral mutation, whilst flagging challenges next year with the advent of vaccines.

Unravelling the true death toll of COVID-19

DATELINE: 14 July 2020

In the second of a series of publications with Swiss Re, we take a deeper look at the tragic toll of COVID-19, focusing on excess mortality, key determinants and the impact on insurers going forward.

Putting testing to the test

DATELINE: 1 May 2020

Together with Swiss Re, we explore the landscape of diagnostic and serological testing and uncover how our immune response gives us new strategies to combat COVID-19 together.

COVID-19 and likely long-term effects on survivors

Man with Medical Mask
DATELINE: 22 September 2020

In the fourth and last (for now) of our series of COVID-19 publications with Swiss Re, we look at Long COVID and the long-term effects on those that have been infected.

Care Homes: forgotten no more

DATELINE: 16 June 2020

In this bulletin from the COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group, Dan Ryan and Adrian Baskir focus on the tragic toll of COVID-19 in care homes - with around 1 in 7 care home residents dying - and draw out lessons for the future.

Impact of medication adherence on insurance

DATELINE: 4 Nov 2019

"Institutional, societal and behavioural barriers combine to drive unacceptably high levels of non-adherence. Successful strategies need to consider the perspectives and motivations of patients and carers."

- Corinne Fitzgerald, Swiss Re

COVID-19 - One virus, many faces

Masks on Wall
DATELINE: 24 August 2020

In the third of our series of COVID-19 publications with Swiss Re, we explore different multi-variate studies to better understand the risks and "many faces" of COVID-19.

Tackling COVID through eHR

Medical form with stethoscope
DATELINE: 13 May 2020

The COVID-19 Actuaries Reponse Group focus on the data transformation that is taking place as our focus moves from simple analyses and snapshots of activity to rich databases of health information.

Health ecosystems - striving towards an integrated and seamless patient experience

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DATELINE: 24 Sep 2019

"Highly digitally intgrated health ecosystems will allow better outcomes, an higher quality for lower costs."

- Evangelos Avramakis, Swiss Re 

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